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The increasing prevalence of mental illnesses in urban and rural Indian population is of great concern to the medical community. In India there are more than 30 million mentally ill people who account for a quarter of the world's total mentally ill population. The latest survey shows that the mental illness probably affects 5-7% of the western population and 10% of people over 70 years of age. The mentally ill still remain neglected part of the community. The management of these diseases is challenging to both the patients and physician. The considerable morbidity associated with their diseases demands a highly motivated approach to the therapies.Life Glow Hospital and Drug De-Addiction Centre intend to spread knowledge, stimulate research and promote better management of patients suffering from mental illnesses.Our motivated professional with the holistic approach and the center aim at spreading awareness of these illnesses in various sections of society. Surely the deliberations and pointed aims of Life Glow are not only to help and benefit the mentally ill but also open new dimensions and new vistas of awareness towards the prevention & control of these silent Killer diseases.

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We at Maa Sahodary Yoga & Naturopathy Medical College beleive that natureis the best healer and Naturopathy or Nature cure is the adoption of Nature's own tool, the five great elements- Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space-to cure the diseses that afflict the mankind. In ancient days Indian sages used to practice yoga to strengthen body physically and mentally. They use different Kriyas such as Neti, Kunjal, Kapalbathi, Shank-Prakshalana and practiced Pranayama for purification of the body to help in eliminating toxic accumulation from the body. It is high time to think and question oneself as to why these health problems are increasing day by day in spite of great advancements in medical science, medicine and mordern technology. People due to lack of time in their busy run of life, in search of quick and temporary relief are attracted towards

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